It may sound cliche but seriously, Music is the soundtrack of life.  It can uplift you, get you through a breakup and make you twerk a little all at the same time.  Music has a way of connecting people and cultures in ways that no other entity can and what amazes us is that the ability for artists to reinvent and innovate sound appears to be limitless.

In our “Ear Candy” series we will be introducing and featuring music from artists, new and seasoned, whose genius makes its way to our permanent playlist;  artists who inspire and are making waves in the industry…artists like NIKI.

It is always refreshing when you accidentally stumble upon talent like that of Nicole Zefany aka NIKI.  This Indonesian songbird mostly known for her insanely soulful covers on YouTube paired up with 88 Rising, a growing Asian hip-hop promotion platform, for her first single “See U Never”.


This debut, that was formed in collaboration with Sikh and Rich Chigga, comes complete with an official video that hit YouTube this past week and we have been bumping it non-stop.

“See U Never” is a breakup anthem perfect for finding the courage to get up and move on from a no good significant other once and for all. With vocals that may be inspired by current artists like Kehlani “See U Never” sports remorseless lyrics that remind us of artists like SZA.
He's going to make a beeline for me but I, I don't give no f*cks. - NIKI, See U Never Click To Tweet